This is my last ever blog

This one’s different. No, really, it is.

It’s definitely not the first blog I’ve set up, but it will probably be the last. All previous attempts usually fell down when I couldn’t be bothered carrying on for some reason – whether because the host server had been horribly compromised for the umpteenth time, the domain had been irretrievably lost to a bankrupt registrar or I’d just run out of steam.

This blog, however, has a far higher purpose than all of those which went before it. Those blogs were meant to please an audience,  to persuade people to purchase my services or to agree with some point of view that I held.

This blog is here to prop up my hellish memory. It’s only for me to read, although it will be publicly accessible. I don’t really care if anybody else reads it or not. It’s also a place where I can write something for my own pleasure, should the fancy take me.

You’re free to read whatever you find written here, you can share something with your friends if you find it interesting, but please leave your criticisms at the door. Remember that it wasn’t written for your enjoyment in the first place; it was written to help me remember.

All of the opinions that will be expressed here are mine and not those of my employer or anyone else I know unless explicitly stated otherwise. Even then you can’t really be sure.