Useful links

Some tabs I’m hoarding right now. Can’t close anything until I make a note of them somewhere. It’s a manic affliction. – the .htpasswd generator I used to get back into this site – the hasher that I used to get back into this site – adding directions to embedded Google maps – might be useful for road trips round customers – loading Google maps asynchronously is harder than I expected – I really need to get my head round spatial functions in MySQL, then we can go on awesome road trips – Quickstart guide to embedding Google maps and adding markers – Not sure whether or not I need a low to high impedance matching transformer, but it sounds cool – Something I’m going to write about later in the company blog,7334347,10506368,6354231 – A comparison of Tascams, I’m going to need one soon – A Zoom H2N for 12000 – A Zoom H42 for 15900 – A Tascam DR-40 for 15810 – An Acer Liquid E700 for 9880 – Used this for converting audio files, works very well

A DIY shotgun microphone that sounds very good indeed

A Google Image search for Monument Valley at sunset, just because.

More links from my work computer – a post I need to follow up on – an article the above post links to – a useful checklist for chromakey filming

Some videos I need to watch. – something that might help to justify my stance – a common-sense take on JIRA in Agile – an extremeley useful online file converter – some Atlassian advice on organising Agile processes – consumer rights bureau in Estonia, might need their help – Atlassian customer stories – Tempo customer stories – the innocent art of making a script look like a browser – one of the better free icon collections, thank you Masha! – I need this every time I want to save a crontab in JOE… ctrl+ k>x – something I need to respond to – DAD, or Disciplined Agile Delivery. I much prefer the undisciplined approach – something else I need to respond to – quick and easy QR code generation – another very good QR code generator

Atlassian’s video case studies – free (sort of) fonts

Audio stuff

I very often need background music for videos. At work I’m provided with a collection of royalty-free tracks which are great for short videos, intros and outros, but they’re of specific lengths and it isn’t always easy to edit them to make them longer or shorter to suit the project.

Sometimes I just need some quiet, unobtrusive background sound to disguise a bad recording or to set an ambience for the scene. Something that can be faded in and out and stretched to any length.

I can’t make music myself (I’ve tried) but I had a feeling there should be ambient music generators out there somewhere. It transpires that, there are loads of them. Here are some that I’ve found fun or useful: – an astonishingly tuneful Flash-based generator that lets you record its output. I hope to use it together with some of the other generators to create a more upbeat composition. – by the same author as the above generator, this is also Flash-based (both have iPhone app alternatives) and creates a slightly eerie ambience. – spooky ambience for horror films. – free music from YouTube for adding to videos – things to consider when using music in YouTube videos – a collection of links to royalty-free music sites, haven’t used any of them though – free loops, possibly liked to from the above site – Creative Commons audio samples and mixes, could also be useful – for downloading videos from YouTube, in case you need to – something I need to try out – a de-esser for Audacity that I’m trying out right now


Sound effects – loads of free sound effects, some pretty good


Video technique

Brilliant compilation of techniques.


Chroma key – I didn’t realise that Sony Movie Studio (Vegas) chromakey was so versatile – this colour replacement technique makes it pretty fantastic.

Subtitling –  create subtitles for videos in Google drive.

Infographics – could be useful

 Youtube – Optimal bitrates for video and audio – API player controls – API examples – Download your entire YouTube channel for archiving

HTML Email – Decode mime headers.



Как купить щавЕль, или Что делать, если вам неудобно за правильное ударение


Car stuff – roof rack

Tools – sliding mitre saw, Hammer, 14k roubles


Five Rules for Content Marketers in 2016

On Finding the Right Candidate for Your Customer Case Study

You Built it…But No One Came, Now What? 8 Smart Ways to Increase Feature Usage

White papers versus case studies

10 YouTube tricks you need to know


JavaScript – quick way to get JavaScript key code – JavaScript typewriter effect

CSS – frosted glass effect in CSS using filters – fast load tiny background images, blow them up and blur them while waiting for the real images to load – list of easing behaviours–net-16048 – selectors cheatsheet


Camera lenses

Screencasting and webinaring

Building stuff

Maths and geometry and stuff

Completely random – google map styling – ready made google map styles – overview of DSLR cameras for video – HDMI output recorder – Another HDMI output recorder